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Headshots: £200.00 +

All head shots on contact sheets, pick 5 for full post production.


If you require more head shots full post production.

£10.00 per Photo or £25.00 for 5 photos




What are personality Headshots.

Personality head shots are Headshots, mid shots and a few full length shots taken capturing a full range of physical movement and performance poses, which convey a wide range of emotions and intentions from the the performer.


What separates PERSONALITY HEADSHOTS  from normal HEADSHOTS?

Unlike normal HEADSHOTS, which are more conventional for entertainers which are portrait framed or even now Landscaped, only capture a small range of emotive intentions from the performer, and usually look just like everyone elses Headshots.

What I try to capture is something distinctively different and original to the performer, while playing around with the conventions of Portraits and Landscaped images, while encouraging the performer to throw every emotional performance at the camera.

Combined with the performers choice of colours to wear which will dictate their personalised backdrop to emphasize their original and somewhat unique set of usable profile shots.

What the performer ends up with is a wide variety of standard Portrait as well as Landscaped while also having a few images usable for any kind of press their profile may incur. 


I also balance my Photographic Work with having a family and two young girls as well as acting work, so planning and arranging these shoots can be a bit tricky but once dates and times are set it's full on.


Is This Kind Of Shoot For You.

If your career is building up to a crescendo, or just needs an extra boost of reinvention my style of shooting maybe right for you.

If you are also very good at conveying multiple e_xpressions of emotions and intentions facially and can hold physical, strong or abstract poses,

While still ending up with extremely presentable profile Headshots, then this may be for you.


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